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Publication started in Sept?1985 monthly No?11 2015 Sum 235


The Formation of  Wave of  Technology  Innovation Diffusion  Based on the Multi?Agent Simulation。。。Jiao Yusheng(5)

Industry?University?Research Institute Collaborative Innovation Networks Based on Social Network Analysis。。。Qi Yong,Wang Jing(11)

Regional Diversity and Convergence of TFP Growth of Science and Technology Innovation in Chinese Universities。。。Wang Xiaoli,Liu Nana(18)

Rule of Law of the System of Internet Open for the National Science and Technology Report。。。Yan Xiang(24)

The Development and Evolution of Operational Mechanism of Industrial Technology Institutes。。。Zhou Huadong(29)

Research on 3D?Printing Technology in China Based on Patent Map。。。Chen Jun,Zhang Yunjun(34)

The Impact of Patterns of Industrial Clusters’ Upgrading on Innovation Performance from the Perspective of Knowledge Evolution:A Simulation Research Based on Small World Network。。。ZhouHaibo,Hu Hanhui(41)

Analysis on the Degree of Synergy and the Influencing Factors of Knowledge?Intensive Industries。。。Wang Xiaoya,Weng Guoyang(47)

Comprehensive Assessment on the Spatial Agglomeration of Knowledge Intensive Business Service in Yangtze River Delta。。。Zou Deling,Cong Haibin,Xu Ming(54)

Enterprises? Technological Innovation of China?s Strategic Emerging Industries:Case Study on Technological Innovation Capability and the Technological Catching?Up Path Finding。。。Liu Wenxia,Wang Yonggui(61)

Evaluation of the Network Capability of Alliance Enterprises Based on Life Cycle Theory。。。Ni Yuan,Zhang Jian(66)

Entrepreneurial Orientation and Firm Performance in Family Business——An Empirical Analysis Based on the SMEs board of China。。。Chen Jiatian(73)

Development Trends and Collaborative  Innovation Pattern of Beijing?Tianjin?Hebei City Cluster。。。Wang Shuhua(78)

Analysis of Temporal and Spatial Differences in Zhejiang Industrial Economic and Its Influence Factors。。。Yu Sijing,Xu Weixiang(82)

Intersectoral Technology Diffusion Effects of High?Tech Industry in Jiangsu Province。。。Deng Jiangao,Zhang Min,Wang Min et al?(88)

Empirical Research of Industrial Knowledge Spillover Effect in Guangdong Province。。。Liu Xipeng,Long Zhihe,Wu Mei(95)

Analysis of the Characteristics and Problems of Chinese Enterprise?s R&D Expenditure Statistics。。。Chen Shi(100)

Could China?s Government Venture Capital Guiding Funds Guide Social Funds into Venture Capital Market?。。。Yang Minli,Wang Han,Dong Jianwei (107)

Research on the Policy of the Integrating Development of Culture and Technology in China。。。Yan Huichao,Li Xiying,Lin Hong(112)

Traditional Defects in Chinese Innovative Culture:A View from the Collected Aphorisms of Ancient China Based the Method of Content Analysis。。。Gao Xirong,He Jie,Hu Xiaojuan(118)

Analysis on the Focuses and Main Disputes in the Ongoing Forth Amendment of China?s Patent Law。。。Zhan Ying(125)

Research on Regional Human Capital Structure and Competitiveness Based on Shift?Share Method。。。He Hongguang Song Lin(131)

Research on the Policies to Support the Enterprise Technology Innovation in the Developed Countries。。。Lin Min,Zhang Yimin,Wang Shuai et al?(138)

The Main Practice and Inspiration of Defense Technology Transfer and Technology Transition in the U?S?。。。Li Bin,Pei Daming,Li Zhan(146)

Comparative Study of the Technical Innovation AuditingPractice in the US and European Countries。。。Fan Yiyang,Hou Jianming(153)


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