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Publication started in Sept?1985 monthly No?10 2015 Sum 234


Evolution and Tendency of Chinese Science and Technology Policy。。。。。。Jin Shibin(5)

Research on Beijing Major Science and Technology Projects Management Innovation。。。。。。Yi Tong,Wang Han(10)

Design for the Selection Procedure and Organization Structure of Government?s Support for Generic Technology Research。。。。。。Han Yuanjian,Chen Qiang(15)

Research on Interface Management in Industry?University?Research Institute Collaborative Innovation。。。。。。Wang Bangjun,Yang Dongtao(22)

The Impact of Relationship Ability of Network Behavior:Take Network Routines as A Moderating Variable。。。。。。Xiao Yao,Dang Xinghua,Xie Yongping(28)

On Digital Identity and Protecting Measures of Electronic Public Service in Big Data Era。。。。。。Xie Gang,Feng Ying,Li Zhiwen et al?(34)

Status Quo,Problems and Countermeasures of Science Communication in China under the Background of Informatization。。。。。。Xie Guangling,Zhou Rongting(39)

A Comparative Analysis of the Institutional Entrepreneurship of New Energy Vehicle Business Model Innovation in Different Context。。。。。。Xie Qing,Tian Zhilong(46)

Path Evolution of Green Process Innovation of Chinese Manufacturing Industry Based on Niche。。。。。。Tian Hongna,Li Xiangmei(53)

System Dynamics for Innovation Network Development of Internet of Things。。。。。。Jiao Yuanyuan,Mi Jie,Hu Qin(57)

The Policy Research of Innovative Enterprise Based on the Innovation Chain。。。。。。Li Ting,Deng Xuelai,Xu Zhiyun(63)

Realization of the Principal Position of Enterprise Technology Innovation from the Perspective of Collaborative Innovation。。。。。。Tian Qing(69)

Study on Knowledge Transfer Process of Chinese Multinationals。。。。。。Jia Jingyu,Zhao Zhongxiu(74)

The Breadth of Open Innovation,Regional Environment and Enterprises Innovation Performance。。。。。。Sun Xu,Xie Fuji,Chen Hongquan et al?(80)

The Collaborative Development Modes of Regional Innovation System and the Role of Government。。。。。。Cui Xinjian,Cui Zhixin(86)

RIS Research Development:Perspectives of Relationships among the Inner Bodies and Relationships among Systems。。。。。。Bian Yuanchao,Bai Junhong(92)

Measure of Industrial Structure Upgrade of the Capital Economy Circle。。。。。。Zhang Yaming,Hu Zeming,Jiang Jing(98)

Accounting Method for Energy Consumption of Public Sectors。。。。。。Chai Shigai(104)

Socio?Technical System Transition Theory and Its Application in Energy System Transition。。。。。。Lv Tao,Wang Chunling,Wang Fei(109)

Energy Consumption Rebound Effects of Western Region Based on Decomposition of Technological Progress。。。。。。Dong Mei,Xu Zhangyong(115)

On Crude Oil Price Volatility and Heterogeneous Effects。。。。。。Tang Jianrong,Jia Licong(120)

Sci?Tech Finance:Promote the“Effective Supply”of Government  Innovation Policy。。。。。。Zhang Ying(126)

The Characters of VC and the Motive of Syndication of VC。。。。。。Jin Yonghong,Li Yuanyuan,Luo Dan(130)

The Developments and Trends of Green and Low?Carbon Building Study Based on Scientometric Map。。。。。。He Qinghua,Wang Ge(136)

Innovative Talents Networks Embeddedness and Performance Evaluation Index System of Universities Collaborative Innovation Center。。。。。。Li Yongzhou,Huang Zhenzhen,Tan Rong et al?(142)

Collaborative Innovation Models,Characteristics and Its Enlightenments of the European Union。。。。。。Dang Qianna(149)

Disposal Experience of Scientific and Technological Achievements in American National Research Institutions and Enlightenment to China。。。。。。Yang Qing,Zhong Shuhua(155)


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